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A full course to get skills to build your own
Oracle APEX development environment.

You will learn to install and manage Oracle Linux, Docker & Podman, Mongo DB, Oracle DB, Oracle APEX, Oracle ORDS REST Services, and others.

Have a look to âp'box to know what's included.

learn’box - "let's build âp'box"

We want you get skills to install and run your own infraestructure
to develop with #orclapex on top our âp'box
Attend using Google Meeting and our learn tool based on #orclapex app


learn to build your base software & hardware



Install Oracle Linux 8.2

Install Oracle Linux 8.2 with 4.18 kernel.
Install and manage OS using Cockpit web interface.
Configure security using SELINUX and firewall.


Install Oracle 18c XE & 19c SE2

Install two flavours of Oracle Database:
* free version 18c Express Edition.
* last version 19c Standard Edition 2.
Both deployed in container infraestructure.


Install APEX 20.1 &
Rest Data Services 19.4

Install Oracle APEX 20.1 with multilanguage support.
Install Oracle ORDS REST Services and connect to Oracle Database.
Configure your database & schema to export REST Services.


Select and build your custom boxAll inside a box

Using AMD Ryzen family of processors or even Intel Core processors.
* Starting with AMD Ryzen 3 3200g or Intel Core i3.
* from 16GB of RAM to 128GB.
* from 240GB WDC M2 SATA disks.
* Select your custom case.

learn to deploy a containerized infraestructure



Select your Open Source Software

All software we will use is open source(*) or free (**).
As developer we want you fall in love with #orclapex reducing your licensing costs to zero.
(*) exception of Oracle Database licensed versions as SE2 or EE.
(**) Oracle Database Express Edition is free to use as âp’box is.


Install Docker & Podman

Install and configure Docker.
Install and configure Podman.


Install and run Portainer

Install Portainer as a manager of all your containers with a web interface.


Install a set of ready to run servers

Learn to install a set of servers:
* NGinx web server: put your web inside a folder and redirect a port in your router. That's all you need to publish your web.
* ftp server: using vsftpd you can share any content with your customers.
* MongoDB: we integrate #orclapex apps data to be storaged inside Mongodb.
* JSON Server: publish web services using #orclapex connected to json files published by jsonserver.
* Nodejs: extend #orclapex apps capabilities using nodejs to publish web services.

learn to write your own advanced bash scripts



customize defaults âp'box scripts

You will learn how to extend and customize defaults âp'box scripts.
Build menus, configuration files, translations and custom colorization.


extend âp'box

You will learn to add new features to âp'box to run new services.

learn to develop with #orclapex

We propose you to maintain your focus in #orclapex development 
and manage infraestructure using your custom version of âp’box
we will build in this course

standard pack


Use wizards to develop your firsts forms.
Build forms from scratch and do actions on load.
Master & detail forms. 


Use wizards to build classic and interactive reports.
Extend reports using actions on demand.
Connect reports.
Filter reports.
Make pivots.


Use wizards to build grids.
Build editable grids from scratch.
Use custom actions in your update process.


Build graphs in your existing reports.
Create graphs from scratch.
Dynamic graphs.


Build interactive Google Maps to present your data.


Use drag & drop techniques to upload documents.


Manage binary objects inside columns of your tables.
Upload files.
Storage files externally.


Publish your data as rest services.
Consume external rest services.


Create menus using wizards.
Create dynamic menus based on lists from sql views.


Manage lists of items to create UI controls.


Select your data using dynamic and static lovs.
Create functions that returns sql as list of values.


Generate JSON data and consume it from external web services.

advanced pack


Control who logins into your applications with different methods.


Control who interacts with any page or component of your applications.


Customize appearance of your application using custom templates and CSS.


Extend your applications using components of third party installed like plugins.

concepts & dictionary

Advanced concepts and use of dictionary.

database jobs

Run database jobs instead standard procedures from browser.

dynamic sql

Generate dynamic SQL that can be executed inside database jobs.

external tools

Use Quick SQL and other tools like Apex Office Print to extend your applications capabilities.

apps you will learn to build

these selected apps we coded at


share documents
using just a link

Your customers would appreciate if they can share information without sending a mail from outside applications they use.


manage projects
using a kanban

A dashboard of your projects status can improve performance of your support team.


publish to web

Extend your web capabilities integrating data published directly from your apps following templates guidelines.

source control

be confident of changes in your code

Coding with PL/SQL is better if you have trace of any change made.
âp’box comes with PL/SQL you put inside your schema to have source control of your code.

advanced tasks you will learn to solve

these advanced tasks is a must to learn in your #orclapex path

load documents
into database

One of most important tasks is to load documents from user interact in any column of your database.


Generate project gantt graphs to visualize performance of your development team.

use ftp to
publish data

How to publish blob binary files into system files then published by ftp server.

manage source code
with ddl triggers

Define ddl triggers that storage externally out of your schema PL/SQL code.


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"# let's build âp'box"

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