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flow your #orclapex development with âp’box - "the APEX box"

A full featured server box to run Oracle APEX & applications.
It comes with Oracle Linux, Docker & Podman, Mongo DB, Oracle DB, Oracle APEX, Oracle ORDS REST Services, included support and much more.

âp’box - "the APEX box"

We want you take it easy to install and run an infraestructure
to develop with our so loved #orclapex.

Run a simplified version of our infraestructure at
that is deployed to our customers.

base software & hardware specs


Oracle Linux 8.2

Oracle Linux 8.2 with 4.18 kernel.
Manage OS using Cockpit web interface.
Deploy a full featured infraestructure using our set of scripts.


Oracle 18c XE & 19c SE2

Ready to run two flavours of Oracle Database:
* free version 18c Express Edition.
* last version 19c Standard Edition 2.
Both deployed in container infraestructure.


APEX 20.1 &
Rest Data Services 19.4

We provide to you preinstalled APEX 20.1.
With multilanguage support.
ORDS REST Services to extend capabilities
of your database and apex applications.


All inside a box

Using AMD Ryzen family of processors.
* Starting with AMD Ryzen 3 3200g.
* from 16GB of RAM to 128GB.
* from 240GB WDC M2 SATA disks.
Space to hold up to #12 2.5" disks with optional expansion card.
3 flavours:
* server 19" box
* desktop box
* mini box

software infraestructure


Open Source Software

All software inside âp’box is open source(*) or free (**).
We want you fall in love with #orclapex reducing your licensing costs to zero.
(*) exception of Oracle Database licensed versions as SE2 or EE.
(**) Oracle Database Express Edition is free to use as âp’box is.


Docker & Podman

Containers are faster than Virtualization.
Consuming lower storage space.
You can choose between Docker or Podman.
Podman comes by default in Oracle Linux 8.2 and Red Hat and stats not having a running daemon to exec your containers while Docker needs it.



Manage all your containers with a web interface.


Set of ready to run servers

âp’box comes with a set of servers ready to run:
* NGinx web server: put your web inside a folder and redirect a port in your router. That's all you need to publish your web.
* ftp server: using vsftpd you can share any content with your customers.
* MongoDB: we integrate #orclapex apps data to be storaged inside Mongodb.
* JSON Server: publish web services using #orclapex connected to json files published by jsonserver.
* Nodejs: extend #orclapex apps capabilities using nodejs to publish web services.

mini desktop


host anywhere

As IT Manager you would prefer to host âp'box on top your desktop.
Perhaps your rack is over busy.


run as a desktop pc

You would like to run Oracle Linux 8.2 desktop gui to develop with #orclapex.
Just exec a script and convert a Linux command line box to a desktop gui one.

focus on development

We propose you to maintain your focus in #orclapex development
and manage infraestructure using âp’box


deploy your images of
Oracle Database with
Oracle APEX & ORDS preinstalled

We provide preinstalled images and scripts you can customize to deploy your Oracle Database versions. 


just a script to have running any copies of your images

We provide scripts to easily run your images of Oracle Database and APEX.
You can easily clone any existing volume of data to a new instance.


we provide apps you use or easily extend

Maintain your effort in just pure Oracle Database and APEX development.
Have control of your PL/SQL source code automatically with our tools that publish any change in your database objects to a external folder.


be sure to recover

Time your daily backups rsynced to your external storage.
Reverse any change made to your objects just loading a copy of your PL/SQL from a folder.
Make snapshots of your volume data when using btrfs filesystem.

and one more thing: all is documented

âp’box comes with not extensive documentation and others tools you would like

web server

publish to web from
your apex app

Export a clob column to a html file inside an external directory.
Then publish that folder with NGinx web server running as a container.

ftp server

let your customers
share documents

Share documents to your customers without sending a mail with them attached.
Send a link to a published ftp folder.


expand your apps
with great capabilities

You can reach much power in your apps if you use nodejs and json files to share information using web services. 


interact with mongo from apex aplications

Use the power of apex to write apps that maintain data in external databases like mongodb.

apps we share with you

âp’box comes with selected apps we coded at


share documents
using just a link

Your customers would appreciate if they can share information without sending a mail from outside applications they use.


manage projects
using a kanban

A dashboard of your projects status can improve performance of your support team.


publish to web

Extend your web capabilities integrating data published directly from your apps following templates guidelines.

source control

be confident of changes in your code

Coding with PL/SQL is better if you have trace of any change made.
âp’box comes with PL/SQL you put inside your schema to have source control of your code.

what you get inside âp’box

Let's have a look inside


Over 24+ scripts

You get a set of scripts to deploy and run your containerized infraestructure.
It runs from a menu you launch using a linux alias.


Select your language

It comes in english & spanish and can be ported easily to any language just translating a messages file.


Easy configuration

Just edit a configuration text file to adapt âp'box to your requirements.
You can also change colors messages.



You can choice between run commands directly or just show you what to run.
Then you copy/paste script, modify it and run it securely.



Have a look to any script prior to run then. We show you what we do prior to be done.



Explore the code and extend its functionality easily.
Adapt to your requirements.


Manage volumes

Your containers data are inside volumes you can easily clone to run copies of them.



Have your backups and filesystem checked every day.
Timer them.

How we install âp'box

Have a look at how âp'box is installed automatically

Here you can have a look at âp'box main script, It is responsible to install infrastructure an exec all rest of scripts.

Try âp'box before purchasing

âp'box comes preinstalled in our server boxes.
Also you can get âp'box base "free"
and have a look what is inside prior to purchase.


There is a price for everyone

Host Anywhere

Inside your current rack or even over your desktop.

Easy and Simple to Use

Connect to your network and launch a URL to manage it.


Over 24+ amazing scripts

We want you will manage âp'box as you were developed it.
Extend it with your own scripts starting with a default provided.


We want all âp'box boxes to be running 24/365 so we will ready to support any issues even by phone.
You have included 2 hours of support of installation.

Select your âp'box price

You get âp'box with included support for installation and start running

*Asus A320M-K motherboard
*AMD Ryzen 3 3200g
*16 GB RAM
*2x1TB storage disks
*Server Case 19" "rack model"
* 2 hours of support included.
* extend support for only 45 euros/hour.

for only €875 euros

* Asus A320M-K motherboard
* AMD Ryzen 5 3600g
* 32 GB RAM
* 2x240 GB SSD M2 SATA
* 4x2TB storage disks
* Server Case 19" "rack model"
* 4 hours of support included.
* extend support for only 45 euros/hour.

for only €1.375 euros

* Double processor motherboard
* 2x Intel Xeon E-26078 V3 Processor
* 128GB RAM
* 240 GB SSD M2 SATA
* 4x2TB storage disks
* Server Case 19" Rack "rack model"
* 6 hours of support included.
* extend support for only 45 euros/hour.

for only €2.575 euros

* Asus A320M-K motherboard
* AMD Ryzen 3 3200g
* 8 GB RAM
* 240 GB SSD M2 SATA
* PC Box "desktop model" or even "mini model"
* shipped invoices only to individuals not companies.
* support included by mail.

for only €475 euros

Ask us to build your âp'box model just sharing with us an Amazon List of your desired components.
To those prices we only charge over €199 euros.


buy service tickets

We have options to your needs of supporting or development
with packs of prebuyed tickets of one hour each


Support for customized installation

âp'box comes preinstalled in our boxes but we can adapt it to your needs.



At we accomplish projects since small ones from 200+ hours to medium-sized upto 2.000 hours having prices from starting of €25 euros/hour.


Standard Support

Once you are running âp'box you may need some customization, support or even development of new requirements.

<30 tickets

€  65 euros/each
    * All kinds of support or development services are included

<100 tickets

$ 55 euros/each
    * All kinds of support or development services are included

<1000 tickets

$ 30 euros/each
    * All kinds of support or development services are included

>1000 tickets

$ 25 euros/each
    * All kinds of support or development services are included


is "the APEX box"

We are launching now.
Ask anything you are interested in.
Share with us what you would improve.
Buy it.
Learn to build it.

© Copyright 2020 - - All Rights Reserved - Developed with love in Cádiz, SPAIN - built using #orclapex